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“My best purchase for the whole wedding day was hiring Nikki Wells to be our day-of coordinator. SHE IS THE BEST! She knows the lodge [Blue Mountain Lodge], literally was constantly cleaning and helping, and has an awesome google sheets planning guide that I lived by through the process. We couldn’t have done it without her!” – Jessica M.

“We can not thank you enough for the amazing help you were to us throughout our wedding planning process and to the send off at the end of our big day! I absolutely underestimated the work it would be to plan a wedding (of 140ish guests) but you guided/coached us through the whole process and helped keep us organized with your wedding planning kit. You were great for advice and warned us of many pitfalls we thanks to you avoided and our day went off without a hitch! Having you to support us on the day of was a life saver and ensured we had a stress-free, calm day. My family and friends even commented on how helpful you were organizing the send off and making sure we left the venue on time and with everything going to the correct place. Working with you was one of the best choices we made! We are so grateful!

If you’re considering hiring Nicole, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She has such a sweet persona that makes her easy to work with for your friends and family but don’t let that fool you – she will absolutely take care of business, prevent chaos for the bride and groom, and handle whatever crisis comes her way. She’s very experienced and takes the stress of weddings gracefully in stride. She’s incredible!” -Chelsea B.

“Nicole was a huge help! We had two planning meetings, and she also came to our rehearsal. Throughout the process, she asked a lot of helpful questions. Her planning workbook was a great way to keep us on the same page.

I’m so glad that Nicole was there to help! She brought all of the decor from the hotel to the venue, set everything up beautifully, pinned corsages, took care of getting my dog home after the ceremony, handled distributing tips, made sure all the other vendors were on time and on schedule, packed up everything at the end of the night and debriefed my parents…. the list goes on! She put a lot of hours and lot of effort into making sure everything went smoothly. She is really dedicated and I could tell that she actually cared about the event being successful. Any hiccups were unavoidable or extremely minor.

I gave Nicole very little direction about how the decor was set up– I didn’t have strong opinions, and I didn’t want to micromanage and then be upset if something was wrong. Nicole made great choices about how to distribute the decor. She has great taste!

I knew that I wanted someone to help out on the day of the wedding, and I honestly had a hard time finding a good fit– I talked to around 5 people. A lot of people in the wedding industry either seem strange/untrustworthy or are very expensive. Nicole’s fee is extremely reasonable, and she is an intelligent people person who is great at getting to the heart of what you want and executing everything according to plan.

I would absolutely recommend working with Nicole.” – Sarah G.

“Nicole Coordinated my wedding this past Nov and i love her!!! she was awesome! i hired her a little over a year before my wedding and she was with me every step of the way…. literally. i dont know how she does it… if it weren’t for her, i would have gone crazy…. she kept me on my toes and kept me on track with all the other vendors. she was my go to person the day of my wedding. i didnt have to worry about anything. i would do it all over again, just because of her.. that’s how awesome she is… she’s sweet, funny, and kind hearted.”   – Vivian N.

“Nicole was outstanding. I had a very large venue, wedding party, many family members and lots of decor and variables that she had to manage, which she did flawlessly. She executed my vision perfectly. In addition to helping with all the major wedding details, she got my dog, my stuff and my car to the cottage where we spent the night and made sure we had the key before we hopped on our bus at the end of the night.  Literally, everything went perfectly, and I owe a lot of that to Nicole.

I highly recommend Truly Yours for your wedding!!”  – Alexandra F.

“Nicole was absolutely amazing…we were so lucky and blessed to have her there as our day of coordinator! She helped myself and my bridesmaids set so much up through out the day, which definitely helped ease my nerves about whether or not the day would go on without a hitch. And it really was perfect she was so organized! I would definitely recommend her to anyone getting married and needs some extra help!!”            – Alexis L.

“Nicole was incredible to work with. She was in constant contact from the minute we signed for her services and asked lots of thoughtful questions to ensure that our wedding planning was complete. We hired her for the wedding day and for clean up the next day. While we preferred to do the decorating the day before, I’m sure she could have handled that as well. Nicole was very patient with us and arrived early on the day of to help out. She set up all of the chairs, helped with the food and drinks, and handled all of the interactions with the vendors. She kept our timeline moving and I never once had to remind her of any details. We loved how calm and collected she was throughout the event and we were glad we hired her to handle clean up the day after the wedding as well. My husband (!!!) and I agreed that she was by far the best vendor we hired and that hiring her was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process.” – Julia H.

“When it came time to select a wedding manager, we thank our lucky stars we met Nicole!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You are the best coordinator. We are still in awe when we look back on everything you did for us before, during and after the wedding. Without your help our special day would not have been this perfect without you. Your planning, preparation, and attention to detail was amazing.”    – Jessica D.

“We were so lucky to have had Nicole as our wedding day coordinator! It unfortunately rained on the day of our planned outdoor garden wedding, so we had to resort to the indoor backup plan. Thanks to Nicole, the place looked absolutely amazing! She made sure every detail was set up perfectly and it completely exceeded anything we’d ever envisioned. It ended up being cozy, intimate, and absolutely perfect. She was so well organized and the whole day ran smoothly from beginning to end. We were so thankful we could completely relax and enjoy our wedding day knowing Nicole had everything under control. Highly recommend!”  – Carolyn T.

“I was so lucky to have Nicole help me at my wedding. She is so talented, driven and organized! From pinning flowers, fixing the bustle on my dress, holding umbrellas in the rain so we could take pictures, holding all my stuff so I didn’t have to carry it and all the other missions I sent her on, she can do it all! Totally made my day flawless!”   – Angie F.

“Nicole is great! She is super easy to work with and very well organized. She made everything run perfectly! You won’t be disappointed!”  -Vinh T.

“I’ve been to a wedding crafted by Nikki / Truly Yours — every detail was beautifully crafted, every detail attended to, and all with a giant smile and calm facade. Seriously: 5 stars doesn’t even qualify!!”  -Margo J.

“I give Nicole a 5 diamond rating. I was able to put all the wedding planning stress behind me and enjoy my wedding day.  She even thought of details that I did not.

I had all DIY flowers, she was able to help arrange them to make all their beauty come out.  She was also able to think on her feet and come up with creative solutions for the extra flowers we had to display.

We had gifted the groom’s men each a unique pair socks to wear for pictures between the ceremony and reception. She made sure each of them changed into them and was ready to go.

She helped move the wedding party from location to location and keep us on schedule so we arrived to the reception on time.  She was invaluable to helping execute our wedding day without a hitch. I would recommend her to anyone who wants someone to run the details of their wedding day and enjoy being the bride.”  – Lisa D.